Community First comes to an end for Ovenden and Warley

A Community Grant Scheme launched in 2011 has come to an end after having a positive impact on the areas involved over the last 4 years.

The government commissioned the Community Development Foundation (CDF) to manage the Community First Budget. Not all wards within Calderdale were allocated this money, which were based on a combination of need and what impact the recession has had on employment.

Ovenden and Warley were the two areas of focus in North and East Halifax and many projects have been funded throughout the scheme’s duration such as, Halifax in Bloom, the restoration of Warley cemetery and more recently the Ovenden Phoenix football club, which saw young adult males from Mixenden, Illingworth and Ovenden bring their communities and themselves closer together through hard work and sheer determination.

The total amount of grant money awarded since the scheme was launched is £118,685 with 71 grants ranging from £340 to £2,500 and the groups involved needing to match the grant, worked hard through means of voluntary work, cash donations, fundraising and saw a match total of £571,002.

The number of volunteers involved in running a group or project was 1,825 and the total number of people who have benefited from the Grant Scheme is 20,355.

To see a full breakdown of the projects funded and where the grants were awarded, please view the documents below:

Other funding available

Additional funds are available to support small voluntary sector and community organisations and activities through the Small Grants fund and the Community festival and event fund.

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