How to Apply

Please complete the Application Form and then email it to your Community Panel at or post: 87 Turner Avenue South, Illingworth, Halifax, HX2 8EF

Remember to clearly demonstrate:

  • Why your project is needed and how you know it is needed?
  • Who would benefit from your project?
  • How the people who will benefit are involved in your project?
  • The difference your project will make?
  • What your project will do?
  • How much funding you want, for how long and what you will spend the money on?

Please don’t be put off by the form – if you’ve got a good idea for a project, ring us and we can help you! Contact Tony on 01422 255402 or email


How are decisions made about your proposal?

The Ovenden Community First Panel is made up of local residents and community group representatives. It meets up to three times a year to recommend projects for funding.

Staff of the Ovenden & Mixenden Initiative support groups in the application process. Tony is the main contact, but all staff are trained to help you get started.

Unlike some grant processes, Community First Panel will not always make a yes/no decision on your application when it meets. We may come back to you after the panel to say that the panel will recommend your project, if you agree to make some changes to it. For example  if your application targets a narrow part of the Ovenden community and is asking for the full £2,500 you may be asked to consider opening that project to more residents.

Ovenden & Mixenden Initiative staff may also contact you on receipt of your application, if there is information missing, or something is not clear. This is to try to avoid the rejection of good projects because the application is not clear enough to meet the conditions for funding (see application guidance).

If your project proposal is not successful, you will be given details of why that is the case. There are limited funds available, so your application may not be successful simply because it was not rated as highly as others.


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